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Spring Fundamentals Clinic with Cappy Pruett: March 20 & 21, 2021

Whether you and your dog are new to herding or a seasoned team - Cappy can help you build on your core herding skills. Clinic will be held at RTN to allow for use of variety of stock and venues. Sign up for 1 day or 2 day working slots, or audit spaces. Lunches and snacks provided.
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Spring Handling Clinic with Linda Holloway: April 10& 11, 2021

Need help getting a wider, smoother outrun? Does your dog run the stock up on you at every chance? Having problems getting to the Y and through the cross-drive? Visiting clinician Linda Holloway, will be working with students on skill sets designed to improve your run and stockmanship in both the arena and the field. On Saturday- clinic participants will run their dogs in a mock trial judged by Linda, afterwards - they will receive feedback on where they could improve handling and performance. Sunday - participants will work on their problem areas. On April 12 - 14th, Linda will be available for private lessons prior to the CCA and BVKC AKC herding trials April 15 - 18, 2021 .
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Spring Large Flock Ranch & French Course Clinic with TBD:
Thursday April 29, 2020

In time for the new spring grass - we will be getting legged up for a summer of large flock work. Skill work will include large pen work, sorting, gate work, bridges, chutes and roadwork. After working the flock in the clinic, you will be ready for our AHBA Large Flock Ranch Trial on Friday, April 30th. On May 1st we will be hosting an AHBA HRD Ranch trial with goat and sheep classes. Sunday, May 2nd will be hosting a French Course Herding Trial on goats in the morning, and another on sheep in the afternoon. This event is sanctioned by the Belgian Sheepdog Club of America.
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Large Flock Lead-in weekend for the Symposium: July 2, 3& 4, 2021

Calling all large flock/tending friends! We will be kicking off RTN's Annual Summer Herding Symposium with French Course trials on sheep and goats, Friday July 2nd, an AHBA Large Flock Ranch trial on Saturday, July 3rd and an AHBA Ranch trial on Sunday, July 4th.

July Herding Symposium: July 5- 11th, 2021

We are very excited about our fifth weeklong herding university! There will be sessions taught throughout the week on a multitude of subjects, incorporating the various disciplines of herding elements from the AKC (A, B, and C courses), AHBA, ASCA, and USBC programs. In addition to course mechanics, we will also be offering sessions on herd health management, sheep psychology, gate & pen safety, sheep 101 and a comprehensive "Introduction to Herding" and "Introduction to Tending" program.

Many of today's most respected AKC, AHBA, ASCA and USBC judges and clinicians have agreed to contribute to our symposium faculty. <click here for our faculty bios>

There will also be courses available for current and future herding judges including, business planning, marketing your herding business, and other related topics.


Bring your dog and find out if it is interested in herding! The evaluation is done in a small pen with sheep or goats closely monitored by the herding instructor. You get in on the action after your dog has it's introduction to livestock!

Herding lessons are scheduled Monday through Sunday by appointment only. Come and learn to work goats and sheep.

FUN DAYS - Designed for all levels of dogs & handlers. Generally everyone gets together for potluck, then we head out to the herding arena for an afternoon or evening of friendly competition.

Visiting Instructors
  Terry Kenney - Tuesdays and Thursdays  taskfarms03@gmail.com

Mary Alice Wisecarver - TBA  mwisecar@gmail.com

John Holman - TBA


Do you have one of the dogs who look for straight lines....? In Europe many breeds are used to "tend" livestock - they help take the flock from their home pen out to graze becoming a living fence. This type of livestock management allows for grazing the sides of roads, fallow fields, and other areas where conventional fencing does not exist or isn't feasible. Breeds that do well at tending include: German Shepherd Dogs, Bouviers, Briards, and the Belgium dogs.

Owen Tending 2



January 30, 2021 - RTN January Fun Ranch Jackpot Point & Time Trial            

April 15, 18 & 19, 2021- BVKC Spring AKC Herding Tests & Trial, Course A, B, C and D - all levels on sheep/ducks and sheep/Goats. HT & PT/PT Boundary tests on goats. Judges: Carol Ann Hartnagel and Terry Kenney  , closes on March 31st at 8 PM. Trial Secretary : Ellen Hughes (herdingsecretary@gmail.com)

Friday, April 30, 2021- RTN AHBA Large Flock Ranch Trial, judge TBA

Saturday May 1, 2021- RTN AHBA HRD goats and sheep , judge TBA

Sunday May 2, 2021- RTN French Course Trials - goats (started and Intermediate), sheep (started, intermediate and advanced) judge TBA

July 2, 2021RTN French Course Trials - goats and sheep, judge TBA

July 3 & 4,2021: RTN AHBA Large Flock Ranch and AHBA HRD Ranch Trials, judge TBA

July 7, 2021: RTN AHBA Tests & Trial, HTDsgd, HTADsgd course 5 with take pen & gate sort, JHDg and HCTg. Judges: TBA

July 9/10 & 10/11, 2021 - BVKC AKC Herding Tests & Trial. Course A, B C, and D all levels on sheep. HT & PT (boundary) tests on goats. Judges TBD

September  30, October 3 & 4, 2021- BVKC Fall AKC Herding Tests & Trial and Continental Divide Herding Association, Course A, B, C and D - all levels. HT & PT/PT Boundary tests on goats. Judges: TBD.


This winter
- we have arranged to be able to offer lessons indoors at The Last Resort Equestrian Center when the Wind Brothers are hard at play making the horizontal air too tough to train!

On windy days - be sure to check your email for lesson locations.
Also be sure to check out LREC's website for other happenings at
Last Resort Equestrian Center